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PAWCast Episode 2: Post Tourney, Corellian Conflict & Wave 5, Squadrons for Squadron Players


-Due to the length of the episode, spoilers, discussions that flowed into each other there will not be a "Sqaudron Building discussion" as outlined in the introduction. We will reserve the topic of "Squadron Play" for a standalone episode dedicated entirely to it-

On the second episode of PAWCast we dissect our first Wave 4 Tournment and practice games. Then it's off to spoiler season for Corellian Conflict and Wave 5.

- Did you know Ciena Ree can use her ability against ships (making her nigh unkillable against them) and counter?

- Did you know a ISD can point backwards at speed 3 or an Interdictor can make a 135 degree turn with Engine Techs?

- Whats the pick of the new Squadrons for a Squadron player?

Join us and sit through my poor on-the-fly-math and my horrible Sato "Friendly Ship" brain fart which we realised in post (although all my strikes against him still stand!). A long episode filled with flowing discussion.

This episode was awesome to participate in and an exhustive study in all coming spoilers.

0:00 Intro
3:16 Post Wave 4 Tourney/Practice Games
24:50 Corellian Conflict
48:37 Wave 5
50:00 Pelta Ship
1:09:39 Arquitens
1:25:08 Rebel Squadrons
148:25:00 Imperial Squadrons - End

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