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Episode 6: Floatilla are Love, Floatilla are Life

February 26th, 2017

Tua + ECM + Gozanti = a Regional Winner?

We talk about Regionals and Dan's success at Parramatta. Then CC experiences. As one campaign comes to a sad end for the Empire, Alex -Rebel Strategic Advisor- begins a new campaign and is up to all his filthy tricks to ensure the win!

And i'll channel my inner Leonard Cohen to help throw down the gauntlet....I'll say it clear, i'll say it cold, we love floatillas, and it aint going any further?

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Master of the Fleet: Table Talk Ep 0, now avalible as podcast

January 24th, 2017

Proud to present on Kenny, aka: Irokenics behalf, Table Talk: Episode 0, Wave 5

Now in podcast form.

Full credit to Kenny and the great production on youtube. Available for those that prefer or could use the podcast format.


Episode 5: Back in Business, Regional Season and CC

January 22nd, 2017

We jump right in!

60 mins of Wave 5 and our Regionals and Wave 5 400 point list building. Old things are the new things! VSDs, Tua, Arquitens and all the Defenders you can poke a Jendon at. Where our the Rebels at? Apparantly not Pleta-ering

The final 20 mintues we talk about or fight for the Corellian Sector.

I'm happy to report that I won my first Regional event and with Grand Moff Tarkin, a dream long dreamt. And CC is damn enjoyable when a ship repairs for the same amount of points regardless of the having upgrades or none at all...hmm i sense fun.


PAWCast Not Episode 4: Where have you been? What’s going on?! 10 min recap before next episode

January 16th, 2017

 TLDR: Kidney transplants, dissafisfaction with previous quality and building a proper podcast studio takes time...


My thanks to my friends inside for getting me through some very dark times.


A quick update on the future of PAWCast...which is looking better than ever! Thank you for your patience and requests for episodes. Next episode is coming very soon :)


PAWCast Episode 3: Interdicting Ideas

October 25th, 2016

Boredom....waiting....for intel, information, supplies. Where are the spoilers? Well coincidentally they were published today (the day of recording).

Interdiction. We have intercepted and stolen various ideas. From each other and abroad. For those seeking ideas for the Interdicton good discussion about it this episode. How Dan and I have developed and borrowed each others ideas.

Also community involvement. Introducing "AskPAW a Question" Got an idea or disagreement you want to hear discussed? Throw it out there for us.

Post it in the Offical Forum or email

Also check out:

Tie Fighter Short Film  (intro music)

Interdicting Demolisher Bat Rep

Engineering Section


PAWCast Episode 2: Post Tourney, Corellian Conflict & Wave 5, Squadrons for Squadron Players

September 3rd, 2016

-Due to the length of the episode, spoilers, discussions that flowed into each other there will not be a "Sqaudron Building discussion" as outlined in the introduction. We will reserve the topic of "Squadron Play" for a standalone episode dedicated entirely to it-

On the second episode of PAWCast we dissect our first Wave 4 Tournment and practice games. Then it's off to spoiler season for Corellian Conflict and Wave 5.

- Did you know Ciena Ree can use her ability against ships (making her nigh unkillable against them) and counter?

- Did you know a ISD can point backwards at speed 3 or an Interdictor can make a 135 degree turn with Engine Techs?

- Whats the pick of the new Squadrons for a Squadron player?

Join us and sit through my poor on-the-fly-math and my horrible Sato "Friendly Ship" brain fart which we realised in post (although all my strikes against him still stand!). A long episode filled with flowing discussion.

This episode was awesome to participate in and an exhustive study in all coming spoilers.

0:00 Intro
3:16 Post Wave 4 Tourney/Practice Games
24:50 Corellian Conflict
48:37 Wave 5
50:00 Pelta Ship
1:09:39 Arquitens
1:25:08 Rebel Squadrons
148:25:00 Imperial Squadrons - End


PAWCast Episode 1: The Wave That Was, The Wave That Is

August 25th, 2016

The first PAW podcast!

Todays discussion will introduce you to some of the PAW players. Talking about Wave 2 and their experiences.

Then onto Wave 3 (Goz then Trans)

Then Wave 4 (Interdictor and Liberty